WPF(Avalon) Example#2

Through this post i’ll give u a sample project in which I used Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer to make a 3-D animation. You might have already noticed that in my previous article I gave a Windows Application which have some graphics and special effects so that you can imagine what will be the next generation web applications look like.

Actually what I expect from this article is to tell tou that 3-D animation is possible and Simple in Interactive Designer. So the 3-D object that I used in this project is made using 3d Max and savedit as a .obj file. After that I imported that 3-D object into my project and did some animation with it.

You can downlaod my project from here.
So… Enjoy !!!!


WPF (Avalon)- Example#1

Hey ppl, in this post i thought of giving you the exposure to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) – the next generation windows forms and smart client applications since I found it very intersting and might be helpful.
As you may know, the new WPF will allow users to experience rich user interfaces and eye catching animations and effects in windows forms, so that it’s ideal to expand business applications.

Through this post Im willing to provide you a sample code, which is a Windows Forms application that I desgined using Microsoft Expression Ineracticve Designer.
But befor all, make sure that you have installed .NetFramework 3.0 And you also need to install Microsoft Expression Ineracticve Designer – a software which will enable you to work with WPF.

You can download the project from here.

As im using data binding properties for this project, You have to copy the Expression Tutorials Data folder to your C:\

(Actually i did this project about a week ago from the day i posted this, the latest version of this project contains some more visual effets. I’ll make that latest version to be available for U. Sorry for d inconvenience)

So hope this article will be helpful to you. Enjoy!!!