Hunting the Talented

Job Hunt

Talent hunting emerges as a war around the world with the hightened demand for new IT projects. Not all IT professionals are suitable in a soft job market. In the IT world there are always skills shortages in growing technologies, like HTML 5 for instance. According to, it predicts that people with .NET, mobile application development, virtualization & cloud computing skills have no trouble finding work.

However in most cases, people specializes only one particular field. But future hiring trends will mainly focus on people with right combination in technical skills and soft skills. More specifically, talent hunting on tomorrow will be wrapped around on all-rounding performers.

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How to get Malaysian Visa in Sri Lanka.

Please note that this content is now obsolete as the embassy has changed its visa process entirely. The embassy has outsourced this process to a third party agent and so the applicants are now required to submit their paperwork to this agent located at World Trade Center Colombo. This turns out to be a good movement since now the people do not need to line up and wait outside the embassy, as they used to be in earlier. But this facility comes at the expense of an increased visa fee – which is Rs. 5000/- per head  at the moment of writing this post.

I’m writing this in the hope of helping someone who’s seeking a Malaysian visa. Literally I was trying for a student visa. Long story short, it was a pretty bad experience for me. However finally I managed to get it endorsed. Here’s how it goes.

First you need to get an application form. I must say that even in this computer age, the embassy seems to be still in a amateur stage that it doesn’t provide its own website to download the application form. So you got to go there physically and ask for it at a cost of Rs.30.

With the completed form, you have to again go there and please make sure that you make there at your earliest. Otherwise you would end up towards the latter part of a long queue. Embassy already has a fixed time slot from 9.00 am to 12 pm for applicants to submit their applications. They take only 50 applicants inside. Please find below the item list
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