Hunting the Talented

Job Hunt

Talent hunting emerges as a war around the world with the hightened demand for new IT projects. Not all IT professionals are suitable in a soft job market. In the IT world there are always skills shortages in growing technologies, like HTML 5 for instance. According to, it predicts that people with .NET, mobile application development, virtualization & cloud computing skills have no trouble finding work.

However in most cases, people specializes only one particular field. But future hiring trends will mainly focus on people with right combination in technical skills and soft skills. More specifically, talent hunting on tomorrow will be wrapped around on all-rounding performers. provides a priority list for hiring people in 2012. If a person can build a balanced competency in these areas he’ll obviously become a high ranked target for hiring.

But the real problem for IT companies is to come with a right strategy to hunt the talented. i did a small research on this by referring to various books, magazines and online articles. Based on my findings, I can sum up following criteria as the main traits that business expects to be in a particular individual.

  1. Brains
  2. Creativity
  3. Personality
  4. Loyalty & Trust

These are CEO’s choices. Having said that, it’s important for a company to design its interview process to evaluate each of the afore mentioned values within an individual. Brains have to be dealt with a person’s intellectual power & subject matter expertise. Creativity realates to analyticcal power & problem solving skills. Personality is highly regarded as an essential feature. It’s mainly concerned with soft skills like leadership, public speaking and management aspects. Loyalty is obviously the level of honesty.

So..let’s get into a practical example. Can you figure out how India managed to build a world-cup winning cricket team? Yes they came with a state-of-the-art competition, IPL. That’s how they picked up champions. Similarly an IT company can host a competition among or within universities. University is the best hunting ground. Like IPL this competition should be a “one of a kind” game where it picks up the real champions; i.e. a blend of Brains, Creativity, Personlity, & Loyalty.

In conclusion, the business in future allows people to lead without a role. They should play multiple roles. For that, they need to adapt to their envirionment and should constantly improve themselves beyond their home borders. The future trend on hunting the talented will focus on that.


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