How to get Malaysian Visa in Sri Lanka.

Please note that this content is now obsolete as the embassy has changed its visa process entirely. The embassy has outsourced this process to a third party agent and so the applicants are now required to submit their paperwork to this agent located at World Trade Center Colombo. This turns out to be a good movement since now the people do not need to line up and wait outside the embassy, as they used to be in earlier. But this facility comes at the expense of an increased visa fee – which is Rs. 5000/- per head  at the moment of writing this post.

I’m writing this in the hope of helping someone who’s seeking a Malaysian visa. Literally I was trying for a student visa. Long story short, it was a pretty bad experience for me. However finally I managed to get it endorsed. Here’s how it goes.

First you need to get an application form. I must say that even in this computer age, the embassy seems to be still in a amateur stage that it doesn’t provide its own website to download the application form. So you got to go there physically and ask for it at a cost of Rs.30.

With the completed form, you have to again go there and please make sure that you make there at your earliest. Otherwise you would end up towards the latter part of a long queue. Embassy already has a fixed time slot from 9.00 am to 12 pm for applicants to submit their applications. They take only 50 applicants inside. Please find below the item list
that you have to bring along and make sure you got them all.

  • Completed application form.
  • Two photocopies of the application form.
  • Two passport sized photographs (including the one you paste on application).
  • (If you are a student) original approval letter from Malaysian immigration Department.
  • Two photocopies of that approval letter.
  • (if you are a student) Original offer letter from university or college.
  • Two copies of that offer letter.
  • (If you are a traveler) travel itinerary.
  • Rs. 500

Please note that the photocopies are important and I saw most of the folks going here and there with tension because they haven’t taken any.

Once you submit the documents, they’ll issue a cash receipt, having written your token (number) on it. So on the day you come to collect the passport (normally after 3 days), you have to present this receipt and of course, the token number is important. Embassy issues passports from 3.15 pm onwards.

So this is how it works (if everything goes well). Afterall one thing’s evident. You got to expect the worse. I was standing for almost two hours outside in the immense heat waiting to lodge my application. There was a Malaysian expecting a visa for his Thai wife. He too was in our same queue, and still was in it even after I submitted mine. Moreover there were two monks waiting outside just like us. The officials must take  proper actions to let people be seated inside until their turn comes, instead of let them baked outside in heat.


11 thoughts on “How to get Malaysian Visa in Sri Lanka.

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  2. Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank visa application form student download to fill out?

  3. I am flying by air Asia flight from Colombo to Melbourne transit is in Kula Lumpur. Do I require entry visa to Malaysia. I will not leave the airport.
    Kindly advise.

  4. I need to married a Malaysian girl
    But I am a srilankan citizen
    I am work in SingPore
    I need the requment
    And may be how many days take to visa processing time

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