MySql C++ Connector Problem when Retrieving values with getString()

Recently I’ve been messing around with MySql Connector for C++ in a Fedora core 10. I used Eclipse CDT (Galileo) for compiling/debugging  and it was always giving incomplete result sets whenever getString() method was called. Incomplete in the sense it gives only the first row of the result set inside the loop for enumerating result set items.

I had a carefull observation at the build output and it was popping some sort of a message like ‘libstdc++.s0.5 needed by might conflict with’. There were no compile time errors neither runtime errors.However in the Debug mode I observed it line by line and came to know it crashes at the first occurence of the getString() method. I was stumbling around with this for somr time and finally able to dismantle the issue.

What I did was I just removed the from the lib. And remove any files with a name like ‘’. Doing this caused to display the build output smoothly (without the above warning message) and getString() method returned all the items in the result set as well. Hope this work around might be useful for anyone to get rid of this headache.


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