IFS Intranet Search

At the industrial placement, we were assigned build the search faciltiy in the coperate web site. And we were a success!!

Exploting the functionality of Google Desktop Search is very flexible and useful!


3 thoughts on “IFS Intranet Search

  1. Ado… get a theme a new one… I dont know y u r using the default kubrick theme…
    neways good to see u blogging it out.. all the best

  2. I like to know more about google desktop functionalities. And how search functions can be implement. Can u give more details……

  3. Google Desktop Search (GDS) is basically a search program to search your files, e-mails, and web history. This search application is built on the powerful Google search algorithms.

    Unlike Microsoft serach, GDS is very fast and more accuarte, so that you can easily find your lost e-mails or web history or whatever. Not only that the SDK packeage also allows you to build your own desktop gadgets and plu-ins. So why dont you download & try GDS out. Its cool & so easy to manage.

    For more inormation, visit here. http://desktop.google.com/

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